Soooo much new music was released this past week…


(I’m not going to play all of it. I only get three hours)

(Also does anyone else thing that the new Night Terrors of 1927 sounds like a throwback to like early 2000s vibe? And like “Shine” sounds like crossover music, u can’t tell if it’s religious or not like??? Listen this morning and decide for urself bc imma play it!)

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Emerging NYC Group: Wonderful Humans “Worth Your While”

Hi Elizabeth!

I’m 1/2 of NYC duo Wonderful Humans. We just released a new song, “Worth Your While” and would love for you to give it a listen. I think it fits with the whole Neon Daydreaming vibe. :)

Hope you enjoy it! 



Loving this lots lots! Totally going to play it on tonight/tomorrow’s show! Probably around 5:30a PST!


as always, stream @, send requests here, follow “@kucifm” on twitter + my personal, “@ritzyew” bc I live-tweet what I play from both!


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Neon Daydreaming 13, 9/12/14

Good morning Dreamer babes! As I type this, my show is finishing up! That’s right, got this up even before the show ended how crazy is that?!

Anyway, I had a really great time tonight/this morning. Let’s do this again soon, yes?

Artist - Track - Album

Magic Man - Tonight - Before the Waves

*Brothertiger - Particle Horizon - Future Splendors
*Careful - Didn’t He Die? - The World Doesn’t End
*Hooray For Earth - Keys - Racy
*Literature - Court/Date - Chorus
*Ava Luna - Plain Speech - Electric Balloon
Wild Nothing - Only Heather - Nocturne

Diiv - Earthboy - Oshin
Smith Westerns - Idol - Soft Will
Panama - It’s Not Over - It’s Not Over EP
Ghost Loft - Seconds - Seconds
Young Wonder - Electrified - Show Your Teeth

*Craft Spells - Breaking the Angle Against the Tide - Nausea
*Brothertiger - Future Splendors - Future Splendors
*Careful - No Title - The World Doesn’t End
*Hooray For Earth - Racy - Racy
*Literature - New Jacket - Chorus
*Kilter - They Say - They Say
*Spoon - Let Me Be Mine - They Want My Soul
*Years & Years - Real - Real

Born Ruffians - Needle - Needle
Kayleigh Goldsworthy - Singing Bird - Burrower
*Careful - The World Doesn’t End (pt. 1) - The World Doesn’t End
*Brothertiger - Memorybank (For Adam) - Future Splendors

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (RAC Remix) - Chapter One
twenty one pilots - Guns for Hands (Dzeko & Torres Remix) - Vessel
Kindness - Swingin’ Party (cover of The Replacements) - World, You Need a Change of Mind
Trails and Ways - Lost (cover of Frank Ocean) - Covers Tape
Foster the People - Houdini (RAC Remix) - Chapter One
RAC, Kele, MNDR - Let Go (Sir Sly Remix) - Let Go

[Local Bands!]
*Sneakout - The Art of Hanging On - The Art of Hanging On
The Moth & The Flame - Holy War - &
Beware of Darkness - All Who Remain - Orthodox
Gardens & Villa - Colony Glen - Dunes

*Black English - Leave the Door Wide Open - NO

*New Tracks

Stay Tuned/Stay Alive/Love U Lots!

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Neon Daydreaming 12, 9/5/14

Hi Neon Spirits! Here is my playlist from last week! I loved this show almost as much as I love you, because I really felt I got back to my synth-lovin’ roots, plus the themed sets were really solid! Hope you enjoyed!

Artist - Track - Album

*Magic Man - Texas - Before the Waves

*Strange Talk - Falling in Love - Cast Away
Ghost Beach - Miracle - Blonde
Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets - Penguin Prison
Humans - avec mes mecs - AVEC MES MECS
Holy Ghost! - Dumb Disco Ideas - Dynamics
Gold Fields - Holy No - Gold Fields
Beat Connection - Other Side of the Sky - The Palace Garden
Bora York - Let Loose - Let Loose
*Midnight Faces - The Fire is Gone - The Fire is Gone
Young & Sick - Ghost of a Chance - Young & Sick

*Craft Spells - Nausea - Nausea
Millionyoung - Materia - Materia
Porcelain Raft - Drifting in and Out - Strange Weekend
Young Magic - Ageless - Breathing Statues
Memoryhouse - Lately - The Years

Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back (Classixx Remix) - Holy Ghost!
Glasser - Shape (Visionist Remix) - Shape Remixes
Parade of Lights - Golden (Attom Remix) - Golden
*The Griswolds - Mississippi (Magic Man Remix) - Mississippi
Bleachers - I Wanna Get Better (Sleeper Agent Cover) - I Wanna Get Better
Alt-J - Breezeblocks (Alice Jemima Cover) - Breezeblocks

Gardens & Villa - Bullet Train - Dunes
*Sir Sly - Gold - Gold
Night Terrors of 1927 - Young And Vicious - Guilty Pleas EP
Blondfire - Waves - Young Heart

*Midnight Faces - Shadows - The Fire is Gone
*Haerts - Giving Up - Giving Up
*Tops - Outside - Picture You Staring
Sofi de la Torre - Vermillion - Vermillion
Great Good Fine Ok - Not Going Home - Not Going Home
*telepathicteddybear - Slow Burn - Slow Burn

*Prins Thomas - Kameloen - III

*New Tracks

Lots of love & neon! Stay Tuned Stay Alive!

music playlist neon daydreaming kuci radio college radio

Neon Daydreaming 11, 8/29/14

Hey Dreaming People! This playlist was so fun to make/play, and is fulllll of new music!

Artist - Track - Album

*Magic Man - Every Day - Before the Waves

Arthur Walwin - This Feels Like Summer - This Feels Like Summer
*Allah-Las - Worship the Sun - Worship the Sun
Young Summer - Waves that Rolled You Under - Siren
Porcelain Raft - Think of the Ocean - Permanent Signal
*The Proper Ornaments - Sun - Wooden Head
*Bear In Heaven - Autumn - Time Is Over One Day Old

*Everyone Moves Away - Waiting For Futures - II
*Midnight Faces - Shadows - The Fire is Gone
*Speak - Gates - Pedals
Juliette Ashby - Take It Over - Take It Over EP
Alvvays - Party Police - Alvvays
Mo - Maiden - No Mythologies to Follow
*Delta Spirit - From Now On - Into the Wide
*Mac Demarco - Chamber of Reflection - Salad Days

Chet Faker - Gold (Flume Re-work) - Gold
Gigamesh - Redlight ( Goldroom Remix) - Remix EP
Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer (Toro Y Moi Remix) - Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Revsited
Goldroom - Embrace (Gold Fields Remix) - Embrace (The Remixes)
Sia - Chandelier ( Dev HynesRemix) - Chandelier Remixes
Panic! At The Disco - This Is Gospel (Popeska Start of Spring Remix)
The 1975 - Girls (Nytclub Cover)

*Maudlin Strangers - Overdose - Overdose
*Babes - ATMO - Babes
Holychild - Happy With Me - Mindspeak EP
Kiven - Falling Away - Kiven
Night Terrors of 1927 - Always Take You Back - Always Take You Back
*Sir Sly - You Haunt Me - You Haunt Me

*FKA twigs - Two Weeks - LP1
*Young Summer - Siren - Siren
*Everyone Moves Away - With the Night - II
*The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers - Brill Bruisers
Telepathic Teddy Bear - All This Time - All This Time

*Celebration - Razor’s Edge - Albumin

*New Tracks

Stay Dreaming Stay Alive!

music playlist kuci neon daydreaming radio college radio

Neon Daydreaming 10 (!), 8/22/14

Hi Neon Babes! I’m slowly but surely updating this blog, as well as queueing up a lot more content for y’all! Here is what I played a couple Fridays ago! I was prepping for a concert later that day, seeing The Naked and Famous, hence the two TNAF remixes. Also, since this was my 10th Neon Daydream, I was having a lot of nostalgia, so the first couple of sets are from my audition tape and my first show! Woahhhhh!

Artist - Track - Album

*Magic Man - It All Starts Here - Before the Waves

[First show throwback]
Gentlemen Hall - Sail Into The Sun -Sail Into The Sun
*Vinyl Theatre - Breaking Up My Bones - Electrograph
MisterWives - Vagabond - Reflections
Givers - Up Up Up - In Light
Torches - Staring - Staring
*Wild Ones - Curse Over Me - Keep It Safe
Gardens & Villa - Black Hills - Gardens & Villa
TJH87 - Good Life (ft. Gamble & Burke) - Good Life

[Audition tape nostalgia]
Ghost Beach - Been There Before - Blonde
Rio Rio - Gorilla Gorilla - Light Parade
City Calm Down - Sense of Self - Movements
Misun - Sun Made - Sun Made
Little Daylight - Glitter and Gold - Tunnel Vision EP
deja - Holiday - Holiday
Clockwise - Murphy’s Law - Dancing World EP
Young & Sick - Heartache Fetish - Young & Sick

[Remixes & Covers]
The Naked And Famous - The Ends (Young Magic Remix) - The Ends
Teleman - Skeleton Dance (Boxed In Remix)
Prides - I Should Know You Better (Everything Everything Remix)
Atlas Genius - If So (Magic Man Remix) -
Passion Pit - Constant Conversations (Little Daylight Remix)
Magic Man - Paris (Tokyo Police Club Remix)
Broods - Bridges ( L D R U Remix)
Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart (Betatraxx Remix)
The Naked and Famous - Hearts Like Ours (Sombear Remix)

[Local Bands!]
Fire Tiger - Green Light - Energy
Holychild - Every Time I Fall - Mindspeak
Forget Your Friends - Scream Queen - Scream Queen
Beware of Darkness - Howl - Howl
The Moth & The Flame - Winsome - &

[Music You Should Know]
*Maro - Set Me Free - Set Me Free - off soundcloud
*Only Real - Pass the Pain - off soundcloud
*The Code - Natural - off soundcloud

telepathicteddybear - Sharp Feathers - off soundcloud

*New Tracks!

Stay glowing!

music playlist kuci neon daydreaming

deathrayray asked:

Ugh DJ Liz, I love your show but it gives me too many feels sometimes. Like right now. You and my ex have really similar taste in music and you just played a few songs that especially reminded me of him (young wonder, porcelain raft) and then you just stabbed me in the heart with Memoryhouse, "Lately" is one of the songs he out on the first playlist he made me. Heart officially torn in half. Hahaha. Love your show always though, makes my drive to work less miserable. (Except today ;)) haha

Neon Daydreaming Answer:

oh hon I’m so sorry about the pain I inadvertently caused haha! Thank you for listening nonetheless! And hopefully you enjoy the next set—local bands provide some change of pace, I hope!

Drive safe to work && happy Friday! 

Neon Daydreaming 9, 8/15/14 (finally up to date!)

Hi shining neon stars!

This is what you heard last Friday! I had a solid online listener base this past week, for basically the entire three hours, so I really wanted to say thank you!! It means so much. And remember you can stream KUCI-FM all the time from!

Artist -Title - Track

*Magic Man - Honey - Before the Waves

*Wild Party - When I Get Older - When I Get Older
Gardens & Villa - Chrysanthemums - Dunes
*Strange Talk - So So LaLa - Cast Away
The Preatures - Manic Baby - Is This How You Feel?
Van She - Sarah - Idea of Happiness
Haerts - Wings - Wings
Jagwar Ma - The Throw - Howlin

Alpine - Too Safe - A is for Alpine
Trails and Ways - Miracle - Covers Tape
Panama Wedding - Trust - Parallel Play
Grizfolk - The Struggle - From the Spark
Coasts - Stay - Stay (remixes)
Memory Tapes - Bicycle - Seek Magic
*Millionyoung - Materia - Materia

Clubfeet - Cape Town (Panama Remix) - Heirs & Grace
New Navy - Zimbabwe (Flume Remix) - The Sun II
Sky Ferreira - You’re Not The One (Little Daylight Remix) - You’re Not The One Remixes
*Banks - Beggin for Thread (Friend Within Remix) - Beggin for Thread
Soko - Girls on Film (Duran Duran Cover) - Girls on Film

[Local Bands!]
Glasser - Design - Interiors
Parade of Lights - Burn - Golden
Blondfire - Waves - Young Heart
Holychild - Pretend Believe - Mindspeak
Verdell - Golden Child - Golden Child
Forget Your Friends - Antarctica - Forget Your Friends

[Music You Should Know]
*Max and the Moon - Mexico (Acoustic) - Mexico
*Prides - I Should Know You Better - I Should Know You Better
*Maro - Are You Gonna Make Me Sad? - Are You Gonna Make Me Sad?
Mo - Walk This Way - Walk This Way
*Kiesza - Hideaway - Hideaway
Hitpoints - Juxtaposition - Vol. 1

Young & Sick - Glass - Young & Sick

*New Tracks

Thanks for listening ++ See You Soon!

neon daydreaming music playlist kuci magic man wild party gardens & villa strange talk The Preatures Van She haerts Jagwar Ma alpine trails and ways panama wedding grizfolk coasts memory tapes millionyoung clubfeet panama new navy flume sky ferreira little daylight banks friend within soko glasser parade of lights

Neon Daydreaming 8, 8/8/14 (Subbed by the lovely Andrea and DJ Dartanian)

Hi Daydreamers! 

For this week, I was absent, camping up in Mammoth and becoming one with the Jeffery Pines. It was a trip. There were bears.

Anyway DJ Dartanian and my lovely roommate put together this playlist and did amazingly as subs, even while I was trying to micromanage from 8 hours away in a forest

Artist - Track - Album

*Xu Xu Fang - Noir State Beach - Xu Xu Fang

*Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Little Moments - Only Run
The Suits - Trifecta - Navy
The Big Pink - Velvet - A Brief History of Love
*Ghost Beach - Close Enough (ft Noosa) - Blonde
*Midnight Faces - Hold Tight - The Fire Is Gone

Fujya & Miyagi - Flaws - Artificial Sweeteners
Class Actress - Weekend - Rapprocher
The Raveonettes - Recharge & Revolt - Raven in the Grave (Observatory sept 23)
Galaxie 500 - Tugboat - Today
Said the Whale - Resolutions - Hawaiii

Superhuman Happiness - Baby Can I Hold You Tonight (ft Johanna Warren from Sticklips) - Single (Paste Valentine’s Day Sampler)
The GOASTT - Xanadu - Midnight Sun
Say Hi - Clicks & Bangs - Endless Wonder
San Cisco - Beach - San Cisco
The Suits - Stars - Navy
The Hawk in Paris - Put Your Arms Around Me - His + Hers (marisa)

Dj Liz’s Lists

Twin Shadow - Psychic Chasms (Twin Shadow Cover) - Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Possessed
Ghost Beach - Tear Us Apart (Chad Valley Remix) - Modern Tongues Remixed
Van She - Idea Of Happiness (What so Not Remix) - Idea Of Happiness
Young Galaxy - Pretty Boy (Peaking Lights Remix) - Pretty Boy
The Knocks, X Ambassadors - Comfortable (Lightwaves Remix; ft X Ambassadors) - Comfortable (The Remixes)


The Colourist - Tonight (Young Hearts) - The Colourist
The Growlers - Humdrum Blues - Glided Pleasures
Hunter Hunted - End of the World - Hunter Hunted
Holychild - Pretend Believe - Mindspeak

Bands you should know:

Blondfire - Hide and Seek - Young Heart
Max and the Moon - Losing the Agreement - Crazy
Royal Teeth - Hold Me - Glow
*Corey James Bost - Features - Heritage
Bent Denim - Cavalcade - Epistolary
*Morning Parade - Shake the Cage - Pure Adulterated Joy
*The Griswolds - Right On Track - Right On Track

Brock Tyler - Don’t Break Your Heart - Single
*The Donkeys - Bahamas - Ride the Black Wave
Thus Owls - Could I But Dream That Dream Once More - Turning Rocks
Peach Kelli Pop - Eenie Meenie Minie Moe - Peach Kelli Pop
The Drums - Let’s Go Surfing - The Drums
We Are Twin - The Way We Touch - We Are Twin
Say Hi - When I Think About You - Endless Wonder

*New Tracks

Thanks for listening!! xx

neon daydreaming playlist music kuci radio